You're Already There - Hugh Panaro, Broadway's Fabulous Phantoms

(Music and lyrics by David Friedman)

Trying to sleep, alone in my bed,
Thoughts of the future go 'round in my head.
How will I find a love of my own,
A love of the kind that I've never known?

Don't know where I'm going,
Don't know what to do,
But I take comfort knowing that,
Right here and now,
You're out in the world, searching for me, too.

You're already there, waiting for me,
Wondering where in the world I could be.
You go through your day,
Dreaming your dream,
Afraid that it might not come true,
While I'm lying here,
Dreaming of you.

You're far, far away
Or just down the street.
But, surely, someday,
We are destined to meet.
I know in my heart you're coming to me.
I don't need to know when or where.
I'll just turn and, one day,
You'll be there.

And, maybe, we will know
At the first word, at the first glance.
Or, maybe, we'll go slow,
Start out as friends, but in the end,
A love to last a lifetime will grow.
And that will be our story.
I can't wait to live our story.

So, now, go to sleep and I'll do the same,
Knowing your heart though I don't know your name.
I trust in a plan much higher than me
To bring us together in time.

So, until you appear, I'll picture you clear,
Remove all the doubt and let go of the fear
And know that the future is fine.

You're already there,
Waiting for me.
So, in a funny way,
You're already mine.

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