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Question:  Does Hugh Panaro run this site himself?

Answer:  No, Hugh does not run the site.  He's often referred to himself as "the computer-illiterate boy."  However, it was started for him and is maintained with his permission.  He is kept updated on it, and messages are forward to him or his agents/manager.  He has done several exclusive videos and an interview for the site.  The site is maintained by Paula Lemire ( with many contributions from Bonnie and Jan.

Question:  Is there any way to contact Hugh or send him fan mail?

Answer:  While Hugh does not have a public e-mail address, messages are always forwarded to him through the site.  Please see our Contact page for details.  Agent and booking information is also listed there.  For fan mail and autographs, please see the Fans page.

Question Can I add a picture to the site?
Absolutely! If you have any pictures of Hugh that you would like to share with us, please email them to and they'll be added with the next update.

Question:  How can I book Hugh for a show or appearance? 

Answer:  Please see our Contact page for his manager and agent information.  Also, also this site allows you to make booking inquiries.

Question:  How old is he?

Answer:  He's fifty-two.

Question:  Is Hugh married? 

Answer:  Hugh was formerly married to Tracy Shayne. 

Question:  Where can I get a recording of Hugh as The Phantom?

Answer:  Unfortunately, there is no legal recording of Hugh in the role.  A list of Hugh's other recordings can be found here.

Question:  When will Hugh's solo album be released?

Answer:  Hugh was originally signed to record his first with Sony in 2005.  However, the relationship with Sony ended and, at present, he is not yet signed with any other label.  He has expressed interest in moving forward with the project and it is now in the works.  News will be posted on the site as as possible.

Question:  Where can I find the lyrics and/or sheet music to "You're Already There?"

Answer:  This is one of Hugh's most popular recordings and we get a lot of inquiries.  The lyrics can be found here.  The sheet music can be obtained from

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask!